Wilma the Woolly Elephant amigurumi

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Wilma the Woolly Elephant amigurumi is dressed and ready to impress!

I’ve been bursting at the seams to keep this little lady under wraps for the past 7 months! Back in February, I took the plunge and submitted a design collection to Crochet Now! magazine. To my absolute glee, the editors chose Wilma for their upcoming autumn collection (that’s spring for us here downunder) – and now she’s finally here!

A little more info…

Wilma is a rag-doll style elephant with long limbs and a sweet disposition. She loves to go for long strolls, and thrives on quiet reading time.

I love to design amigurumi that are both simple yet visually striking. As a result, Wilma uses basic shapes, stitches and colour changes. She also has such an endearing expression – gah! She’s too cute!

Here are a few extra tidbits:

  1. Wilma is a completely squishable size of 45cm (18″)
  2. She’s easy to construct, as her arms, legs and trunk are crocheted along with the body and head.
  3. Her stylish scarf is removable, so you can swap scarves, as well as style Wilma any way you like!

I used Rico Design Ricorumi DK* for this design (DK/8 ply, 100% cotton, 25g / 57.5m). The result was a beautifully smooth and squishy toy with superb stitch definition! Here’s what I used:

  • 2 balls Pearl Grey (004), Emerald (042) and Orange (027)
  • 1 ball Saffron (063), Cream (002), Denim (034)

You can find Wilma the Woolly Elephant in issue 60 of Crochet Now! Inside, you’ll find a gorgeous collection of festive and folksy home makes to keep your hands busy as the seasons change (I’m in love with the “Zigzag Jumper” on the cover by Cassie Ward). You’ll also get a set of 3 soft-grip hooks, along with an official Bagpuss blanket crochet pattern. Woohoo!

If you’re in the UK, Issue 60 is available to buy from your local newsagent and supermarket from Thursday 17th September, 2020. If you’re like me and live elsewhere, head on over to Craftstash to order a physical copy, or visit www.pocketmags.com for the digital version (note: the digital version doesn’t come with the extra magazine goodies).

Ready to start making Wilma the Woolly Elephant? Find her on Ravelry!

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Wilma the Woolly Elephant crochet amigurumi (by Pear Dinkum). Available now in Crochet Now Issue 60